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About Online URL Encoder/Decoder

When adding special characters to a URL parameter, often known as percent encoding or , this online URL Encoder/Decoder tool is quite helpful. 

Use the URL Encoder/ Decoder  online tool to encode or decode a text string. URIs must be uniformly encoded for global compatibility.


What is URL Encoding and URL Decoding?

Typically, URL encoding is used in the query string, often referred to as the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Only the special symbols are genuinely where users wish to employ URL encoding. To encrypt or decrypt your URL, use this free web tool.

URL encoding is the process of substituting specific characters in a URL with one or more character triplets that are made up of the percent sign "%" and two hexadecimal digits. The substituted character's numerical value is represented by the first two hexadecimal digits of the triplet.


How to use this Online URL Encoder/Decoder?

You can use the ToolsBox free online URL Encoder/Decoder tool by entering a text string in the box provided on the website's page. The results will then be displayed quickly when you click either the "Encode" or "Decode" button.

This will be useful when you wish to convert an encoded JavaScript URL with barely readable content to a more readable text. The URL often starts with a non-alphanumeric letter or character that is encoded as "%" (the percent symbol), followed by a sparse amount of alphanumeric data. The "+" sign will then be used to encode any white spaces in a text.

When and why would you use URL encoding?

The form field names and values are encoded and delivered to the server in an HTTP request message using method GET or POST, or, traditionally, by email, when data from HTML forms has been submitted.

The default encoding is based on a very early version of the generic URI percent-encoding rules, with some changes like newline normalisation and using "+" instead of "%20" for spaces.

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