Compress PDF

Compress PDF


Why Do You Compress PDF?

File size is a very important factor to consider when emailing or uploading files to the internet. It is now customary to submit job applications, papers, and assignments in PDF format.

You need a small pdf to be able to send these types of files. By using a PDF compressor, you may ensure that previously enormous PDF files can be sent or uploaded.


How to Compress a PDF File


1. Select a file for compression

From your PC or a cloud storage platform like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, choose the file you want to compress.


2. Automatic Size Reduction

When a file is submitted to our system, it automatically reduces the file size while maintaining an appropriate level of compression that is suitable for the Internet. You can also compress your file for email or the web.


3. Check out and download

When the file is prepared, open it in your browser or download it to your computer to access the compressed PDF file.


Most Popular Online PDF Compressor

Large PDF files can be compressed online for free with our Compress PDF tool. You'll be prepared to go in a matter of seconds, whether you need to downsize files for simpler emailing, sharing, or storage. 

Unconstrained PDF Compression

Results that are prompt and reliable every time. To adjust your file size without ever affecting document quality, choose between two compression levels.

The Process of Compression

We take your file, eliminate repeating patterns, re-encode large photos, and voila! A high-quality but significantly lighter PDF is the end product. Quickly completed to help you complete your work even more quickly.


Simple to Share After You're Done

For a team to be successful and to complete tasks, collaboration is necessary. It's really easy to share your PDF with your team or a client once you've shrunk its size. You may easily create a rapid download link by using our share option.

Better Productivity With Smaller Files

Start right away with no fuss

There is nothing to install or train for. Start using the easiest tool for file compression right away.


Across All Devices, Compress

We are cloud-based, so you can use any browser and device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, to minimize your file size online.


Compress different file types

Don't merely compress PDFs. Use the program to compress various file kinds like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.


Regulation of Data Compliance

ToolsBox complies with GDPR, therefore we are open and honest about how we handle, keep, and use your personal information.


ISO/IEC 27001 certification

We undergo an annual audit to assure the integrity, safety, and protection of your information because we have ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Modern Encryption

We use cutting-edge TLS encryption technology to protect your documents even as you work on them.

FAQs About Our Compress Tool

Is it free to use this document compression tool?

Yes! The use of all of our tools, including the one we use to compress files, is free but subject to some restrictions. Additionally, you are not restricted to only compressing PDF files; you can also do the same for MS Office files, JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF files. To begin, just drop your files into the tool.


Can my entire team use Compress PDF?

Absolutely. You and your team or business can access all of our Pro features and more with our Business and Team plans, which we provide. Additionally, you'll benefit from certain extras like flexible payment options and top-notch customer service. Please get in touch with our sales team for a personalized estimate.


Does compressing files require a paid  account?

No, a Pro subscription is not required in order to compress your documents. Nevertheless, a Pro subscription will get you limitless access to all of our products, including our compression tool, so you may convert, e-sign, combine, and split documents without any restrictions.


Is it safe to use the compress tool?

A tToolsBox, security and privacy are priorities. Your data, personal information, and documents are safe with us since we adhere to GDPR, are subject to annual audits to maintain our ISO/IEC accreditation, and use modern TLS encryption. Additionally, every time you complete a job, such as compressing a file, the entire process is entirely encrypted for maximum security.


Our purpose:

Our tool's main goal is to conserve your space, and since the compression is completely lossless, your document's quality will not be compromised and will be preserved after decompression. This method, which is basically a class of compression techniques, is used by our tools to reduce the size of your PDF files and may be used with any PDF file. We don't compromise the important information in the file, and once you've optimized and downloaded it, the record is deleted from the servers. Additionally, ToolsBox offers a Word to PDF tool that enables you to quickly convert Word files into PDF files, as well as a PDF to Word tool

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