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What is the Alexa ranking?

Since the middle of 1997, Alexa, known as the daughter of, has offered Internet users a free toolbar that gives them access to some practical web tools in their browser. The toolbar has reportedly been downloaded more than 10 million times in total. Information about the internet sites like the user visits is revealed by using the toolbar. Because the toolbar has millions of users worldwide, Alexa can indicate the popularity of a website and its related websites, but domain authority is different (visitors to this site also visit these sites, a principle we also know from It also regularly reviews the most popular websites on its website and offers this information for free (by category or by language area). For instance, it provides a list of the top 100 websites in the Dutch-speaking region, along with information about each website's Traffic Rank (also known as Alexa Rank) and related websites (if included in the database). This is a useful website for web marketers and website owners. Simply put, how trustworthy are these numbers?


What is the Alexa ranking tool?

The fastest and simplest way to instantly gather Alexa Global Rank, Alexa website traffic, Alexa ratings, as well as the Status of numerous websites, is to use an Alexa rankings checker. In this manner, you learn where you and your competitors stand in the industry. If you need to analyze your website, the Alexa Rank Checker tool is very helpful because, after you receive the results, you can start developing plans for how to raise your website's Alexa rankings and increase traffic.  Alexa page rank checker can also be used by website owners to create custom implementable reports for their final clients.

Alexa ranking tool by Toolsbox

Alexa is used to checking, confirming, and making public the number of website visits. Users can interpret the status of their site and other websites using Toolsbox’s free online Alexa Rank Checker. They will see the number of page views as well as a variety of other crucial details that they can use to optimize their website.

You are allowed to do nothing more than compete and evaluate other websites using this Alexa Rank Checker. Because you can use the Toolsbox tool anywhere, anytime, and without spending any money, you can regularly monitor how well your site is operating. It provides you with a thorough report that can assist you in learning more about your website and the steps required for upgrading.

How to use our tool?

Toolbox’s developers are aware of how crucial it is for companies to generate instant results regarding their Alexa Website ranking. As a result, they developed a tool with an easy-to-use interface that analyses your website's Alexa Analytics and Alexa Statistics and generates your Alexa Ranking report in a matter of seconds.


To check Alexa ranking, you should first open the Alexa Ranker Tool, then enter all the necessary domains, and finally click the "Find Alexa Rank" button.


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