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Today in the fast-paced world it is essential for both SEO experts and website designers to know about web page size and also its loading speed. The reason behind this is that it affects the functionality of a website and also its SEO ranking. The previous study on this matter stated that 16% of website traffic will leave the page if it doesn’t appear within ten seconds and even if they are waiting, the maximum time to wait is 15 seconds. After that, your web forum will not be used. Therefore, you will lose a majority of your traffic if you do not work on your web page size and loading speeds.

What is a Page size Checker?

A page Size checker is one of the coolest and most popular SEO tools that aid website designers and SEO experts everywhere.  This handy online utility is used when the page size of a webpage is required. This can be done by inserting the URL of the page and it will give you results within a few seconds. It is crucial for you to check your website on a regular basis. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds then you need to work on your page size situation as it will increase the bounce rate because website traffic won’t wait for long for your webpage to appear. The main reason for your website to have a big size is that it has a lot of media content on your page which includes embedded videos, images, and graphics. And due to the large page size, the website will have a slow speed. it’s essential for the functionality of your website that you are aware of your website size but how can you do this? That is where the page size checker tool comes into action.

Standard Page size

According to SEO experts, the standard size of your web page should be up to 150k as the search engines will not catch pages with more size than 150k. The more your website viewer has to wait the more they will be dissatisfied with your web page.

Page size checker by Toolsbox

We can see plenty of online page size tools everywhere as it is one of the most popular and essential SEO tools that is required by website makers. Toolsbox also has introduced its own website page checker tool. This tool is very handy and also very easy to use. The best thing about the Page size checker by Toolsbox is that it is absolutely free with no additional charges. All you have to do is to insert the URL of your website or webpage in the given space. Within a few seconds, your required results will appear on your screens.

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