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What is Base64?

Base64 is a code that is used to send binary data from one device to another. Base64 consists of 64 characters, this is the reason why it is named base64. It converts bytes of data into base64 characters. The purpose of this code or base64 is to protect data from being corrupted while sending from one system to another.

Furthermore, the other benefit of base64 is to save the data without the fear of its corruption. In addition, along with other uses, base64 is also used to embed files in the webpages and also for cryptography.

Base64 to Image:

Anything that we send or receive, such an image, it is sent by the system as a code and that code could be base64. Therefore, if you have base64 code of an image, you can convert it into an actual image.

How to Convert Base64 to Image?

This is the magic of base64 code that it can conveniently be decoded into its actual file. Therefore, if you have a base64 code of an image you can easily decode or convert it into an image using base64 to image. The base64 to image converter is online available tool that helps you convert base64 string into its original form.

To convert base64 to image, you can use various base64 to image converters available online. However, there is no guarantee that converted image will be of high quality. Therefore, brings you a high quality base64 to image converter.

How to Use Base64 to Image:

If you want to convert base64 to image, brows in your browser. When you will land on the front page of the website, search for base64 to image, open this tool.  A box will appear. You can either copy paste the base64 code in that box or you can rewrite the code in that box. After pasting base64 in that box, enter convert/generate image button. Your image will be ready to download.

Benefits of Base64 to Image Converter:

·         Base64 to image will help you convert the code into image in a matter of seconds,

·         It allows you to download image in PNG, JPEG or other formats,

·         Most importantly, base64 to image maintains the quality of the image.



Every channel or machine cannot support every type of file or content, and data can be corrupted while transferring from one machine to another. To solve this problem, base64 is used. Base64 is a code that helps protect data from being corruption. Furthermore, base64 code can be decoded into its original form or file using base64 to image. 



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