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Reasons Why Some Websites are blacklisted?

Similar to the physical world, digital world too has some ethics, rules and laws one must abide by to keep happily living on digital planet. This is because breaking digital rules or laws ultimately affect the human life.

Therefore, governments across the globe are effectively making digital laws which aim to protect humans from any harm coming from this world. Apart from this, web services providers have also adopted various human rules and laws and make all internet users to abide by those rules.

In case someone, such as a website, breaks any rule and there are complaints against that web, the website will be blacklisted. In many ways, a website can break the rules. For example, a website spreading offending content or misleading information can be blacklisted.

Furthermore, a website can also be blacklisted if its content does not meet the community standards. Such as Facebook blocks an individual who violates Facebook’s community standards. Similarly, websites can also be blocked.

Another reason why some websites are blacklisted on search engines is spamming. If a website is publishing spam content or sending spam emails, the website can be blacklisted.

There are hundreds of reason which can lead a website to be blacklisted. And when a website is blocked, its unique IP address is also blocked. And being blacklisted means the end of the website.

Why you need to know about the Blacklist?

Sometimes, unintentionally you publish something on your website that is against the rule or spam and your website get blacklisted. Or if you are planning to buy some old domain, you should check if it is or was on a blacklist. You can do this by reading the blacklist websites databases created by various internet services providers.

However, there are many lists of blacklists IP or websites, and searching for website will be a cumbersome process. To solve this problem and check whether or not your IP or website on a blacklist, you should use blacklist lookup.

What is Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist lookup is a tool especially created to search whether the domain IP or website is blacklisted or not. So that you can take necessary actions if your website has been blacklisted.

There are several such tools available on internet. However, brings you a free blacklist lookup tool. It is also known as IP blacklist lookup tool.

How to use Blacklist Lookup?

To use blacklist lookup tool, first you must know the IP address of your website. If you do not know the IP address of your website, follow this link to know your domain to IP. When you have IP address of your domain, got, among many other creative tools, search for blacklist lookup.

Open blacklist lookup and paste your domain IP in the box. You will have the results in a blink. 

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