What is BMP to TXT Converter Online?

The most widely used file format for storing bitmap files is the BMP (Bitmap) format.This format, which was created by Microsoft, is widely used to store digital photos, including colours with various tones.

Use the BMP to TXT converter if you have a BMP file and you want to extract the text from it.

The BMP to TXT converter is a simple-to-use programme with a pleasing user interface. This tool allows you to upload a BMP file, and it then extracts the text that you can use anywhere you need it.

Why Use Online BMP to TXT Converter?

When you need to extract text from an image, our free online Bitmap Image to Text file converter is helpful.Finding photos in the BMP file format with the text you want to utilise for another purpose is common.

A BMP image must first be converted to TXT because you cannot copy TXT directly from a BMP image. Binaries that contain data not intended for text-based interpretation were opposed by text files.

Our tool extracts text from the Bitmap image and saves it in a text file using advanced optical character recognition (OCR).

ToolsBox BMP To Txt Converter Best Features


  • Convert BMP to Text Online for Free

Using our online converter, you can convert BMP to TXT for free online.Using our online converter, you can convert BMP to TXT for free. Use of this awesome tool is free.

  • Bitmap to Text Converter :  Quick & Effective

The BMP to Text converter works pretty quickly. It correctly recognises the text in an image and records it in a text file that can be downloaded.Almost all mobile or desktop devices make it simple to open and use the TXT format that you obtain from the tool.

  • Does Not Require Registration or Subscription

Bitmap picture files can be converted to text using this utility without registering or subscribing.

Unlike most online tools, you don’t need to create an account on our website to use this tool. You can simply just select the converter and use it for free.

  • No Software Installation Needed

For the conversion of BMP to TXT, this tool doesn't require any kind of software installation. Since the converter functions within a web browser, there is no need to install any additional software in order to use it.


  • Works on Mobile Devices

The fact that the BMP to TXT converter is mobile-compatible is one of its best advantages. In light of this, even if you lack access to a laptop or a computer.

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