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About CSR Checker 

To decode your certificate signing request and ensure that it contains the right data, use this CSR checker. A block of encoded text known as a certificate signing request provides details about the business to which an SSL certificate will be granted as well as the SSL public key.

You can request a cryptographic key for your website using Certificate Signing Requests, or CSRs for short. Your customers will use this to sign their SSL certificates.

A CSR is encoded once it is created, making it challenging to determine what information is contained within. You must decode CSRs to ensure the information is accurate since certificate authorities use it to generate the certificate.

Types Of CRS

CSRs can be either self-signed or third-party signed. 

 Self-signed CSRs are requests made by the website owner themselves, whereas third-party signed CSRs are made by a representative who has been given permission to act on the owner's behalf. 

You must upload a public key, a private key, and the certificate authority (CA) that issued the public key for both types of CSR.

Importance OF CSR checker

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Decoder is a simple tool that decrypts data about your Certificate Signing Request to make sure it has the right data.

 When requesting an SSL Certificate from a Certificate Authority, CSRs are encrypted messages including personal data.

 Your CSR should begin by saying: Begin with "CERTIFICATE REQUEST" and finish with "FINISH REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATE”



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