What is a CHM file?

Microsoft created the CHM file format, which was first made available with Windows 98 and is still supported today. WinHelp was superseded by this file format. Due to their complete compatibility with an internet browser that can be noticed on all computers, CHM files have become more and more popular. Because of the capacity of this file type to execute specific controls, its vulnerability has received a lot of attention.

What is a PDF file?

Adobe Systems created the PDF file format to represent documents in a way that is independent of the operating system, application, or hardware from which they were originally created. A PDF file is intended to allow the creation and transfer of printer-ready output and can be any length, and contain any number of fonts, and images.

CHM TO PDF converter tool?

A compiled HTML file format called CHM primarily contains information for documents (eBooks). Although creating such files is simpler, there are some disadvantages. Since Windows developed the file, it will be challenging to view it on a device that doesn't run Windows. It can be accessed through a browser or some installed readers, but you risk getting into trouble.

Additionally, it is inappropriate for security reasons. On the other hand, PDF is a standardized and suitable format for transmitting and storing documents. Anytime you choose to share such files, you must switch CHM to PDF. A CHM and PDF converter can help you with this.

CHM TO PDF converter tool by Toolsbox

CHM TO PDF converter tools is widely available because they are among the most used and important online tools needed by website developers. Toolsbox has also released its variation. This tool is very practical and simple to use. The CHM TO PDF converter by Toolsbox’s best feature is that it is cost-free and has no hidden fees. This software also supports a command line option, which is a fantastic feature. You can run this program's exe file from the command line by passing it the source and target locations. If you want to convert CHM to PDF from the command line, this is helpful.

There are numerous additional advanced options available in addition to the ones mentioned above. Therefore, Toolsbox would be your first choice if you're looking for a bulk CHM to PDF converter that offers a tonne of customization options.

How to use our tool?

You can choose a file from your computer, your Google Drive, or your Dropbox account, or you can choose a pdf document in the CHM layout to convert to the PDF format. Select the PDF format from the drop-down list as the desired output format, then click the Convert button. A maximum of 5 files of up to 300 MB each can be converted simultaneously. Wait for your file to be posted online and converted into a PDF document before you can delete the converted file from the Download page and download it up to five times.

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