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Which backlinks are harmful and ought to be disavowed?

According to Google, there are some rules that are mandatory when creating links for your website. If you violate these guidelines, Google is most likely to give you some sort of penalty. The backlinks that are created against these rules are harmful and ought to be removed or else you would get penalized. To overcome this, and avoid getting this penalty, Google themselves have introduced the Disavows file, which helps them create error-free links. These files act as a magic potion when it comes to URL link management for your website. They remove all the backlinks automatically which is so much better than removing them manually as it involves more time and effort.

What is a disavow file?

A disavow file is a file that contains the undesirable links that you want to delete and instructs Google to disregard when evaluating the backlinks to your website. However, you must properly determine whether creating a disavow file is necessary or not before doing so. Backlinks ought to only be removed if:

There are a lot of spammy, fake, or poor links pointing at your website, and these links may prompt Google to take manual action against your website.


Google Recommendations while creating a Disavow file

You need to adhere to a few Google recommendations when creating a disavow file for Google.

·        Per line, only one URL or domain should be disavowed.

·        An entire subpath, such as, cannot be disavowed.

·        The file must have the.txt extension and be encoded in either 7-bit ASCII or UTF-8.

·        The full file must not contain more than 100,000 lines (including blank lines and comment lines), have a maximum URL length of 2,048 characters, and be no larger than 2MB.


What is a Disavow File Generator?


Disavow is a unique type of tool that Google introduced in 2012 and is simply a way for you to request that Google not add or count specific bad links that point to your website. We can put it this way: A disavow file generator enables any website owner to request Google not take into account any specific spammy or low-quality links when evaluating the quality and content of the website's link profile. Although you might have built some paid or bad links in your site via any SEO expert or company that you are no longer in control of, this can be taken as Google's official position on the matter.


Disavow File Generator by Toolsbox

Disavow File Generator tools are widely available because they are among the most used and important SEO tools needed by website developers. Toolsbox has also released its own variation. The Disavow File Generator tool by Toolsbox's best feature is that it is cost-free and has no hidden fees. The process to use this is also very easy. All you have to do is go to the Toolsbox Disavow file Generator page.

·        The tool gives you the choice between entering the domain(s) or the URL(s) according to your needs.

·        Per line, only one domain or URL should be entered.

·        Alternatively, you could upload a file with the domain(s) or URL in it (s).

·        Alternatively, you can upload a disavow file that already exists and contains domains and URLs in the format required by the Disavow tool.

·        After that, select "Generate Disavow File" from the menu. The tool will generate a .txt file and download it to your computer.

·        For future use, kindly copy the file and paste it into the desired folder.

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