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Science behind the Science: 

Every device connected to the internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is used to identify the device. Furthermore, every website also has a unique IP address. In addition, the browser we use to search for the information, use IP addresses to interact with the websites available on internet.

However, there are more than 1 billion website on internet, how does browser leads us to our relevant information or website? The answer to this question is Internet Protocol (IP). Since browsers work using IP, when we search a website (for example, there is system called Domain Name System (DNS) that converts the name of the website into an IP address and helps fetch relevant website or information to us.

What is DNS?

As we know we get our websites register with the hosting companies. The hosting companies have Data Centers, in those data centers these companies have servers in which DNS software is installed. So, whenever, you search for a web, such as, the DNS will bring the IP address of the server on which our website is registered and supply you the website.

Had there not been DNS, you would have to remember the IP addresses of the websites. Therefore, DNS is no less than a blessing.

What is DNS Record?

DNS has a record of every website available or registered on the internet. DNS record contains the files which have instructions to provide particular information (IP address or how to respond to DNS request for that domain) regarding a domain. It will not be wrong to say that DNS is like a digital library that keeps the records of all the registered domains. Therefore, when we search for some website, the DNS library leads us to the right website.

Why Finding DNS Record is Necessary?

However, when you change your web host, your DNS is also changed. Therefore, you need to find the DNS record and transfer them to the new host. You can find DNS record using various tools available online.

When you change your web host, you simply find DNS record and update them on your new host. So that your users do not face any inconvenience in using their favorite domain name or website.

Furthermore, if you buy an already registered or old domain name, you need to find all DNS records for a domain. So that you know how many times the host has been changed, or if you can update the DNS record on a new host.

How to find DNS Record?

There are various tools available online which you can use to find DNS records. However, there 12 types of DNS records which we should look for. Therefore, the tool which helps you find all DNS records for a domain is the most suitable.

We bring you the most reliable DNS record finder developed by geniuses of This tool is called find DNS record. It provides you with all DNS records for a domain, which are reliable and authentic.

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