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Know your Traffic:

In a physical market, you get the chance to meet the customers that helps you understand their priorities and choices. This information helps you count daily visitors, know their choices, priorities and feedback about the product, and you improve your business accordingly.

Similarly, you can know who is visiting your marketplace or website through various online tools. It will help you know the age, area, priorities and choices of the customers visiting your website.

The data of visitors will help you profile your customers. For instance, the data shows that ratio of the young visitors is more than the other age groups, it means that young people are more interested in your product or content. Now you can improve or change your content or product according to your visitors, or according to your business needs.

How to know the Web Visitors:

The flag counter is tool that is popular among the web developers or SEO managers to know about the daily visitors. This tool provides you with data or count of your visitors based on their countries. The flag counter gives you the name of the countries and the number of visitors coming from those countries. This information depicts the country your website is getting more visitors from.

Where to get Flag Counter:

The flag counter by is developed keeping in view the input of SEO experts. Therefore, this tool stands alone among its competitors. To get this tool visit, search flag counter. Click on it, a page will load. There will be different tabs on that page, fill the required tabs as instructed and hit enter, your results will be ready in a snap. 



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