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What Is Google Index Checker?

A free SEO tool provided by Toolsboxto determine whether a page or website is indexed by Google is called the Google Index Checker. 10 URLs can be checked at once. The tool will determine whether the domain is indexed if a page is not indexed.

This Google Index Checker tool provides valuable information that you can get in just a matter of seconds; allowing you to check the Google Index status of up to 5 web pages at a time.

How to use Google Index checker.

The tool will process your request when you enter all the URLs you wish to verify in bulk in the box given and click the "Check" button. In a matter of seconds, it will produce a response indicating whether or not these URLs are indexed by Google.

When to use the Google Index Checker

  • Check if your website is indexed

Your website essentially does not exist if Google does not index it. It won't show up in search results and won't receive any natural traffic. Therefore, making sure that your pages get indexed is important.

  • Check if a backlink is valuable

In order to determine whether a backlink has any value, it's critical to determine whether the page in question is indexed.There's a good chance Google is unaware of this connection if the page is not indexed by Google.

Why should you use Toolsbox Google Index Checker?

Every website owner wants to confirm that Google has indexed their website because doing so may increase their ability to get organic traffic. 

You can get an idea of which of your pages Google has not indexed by using this tool to examine Google's index of pages.The number of pages Google has indexed on your website is what matters, not the number of pages you have.

There will be occasions when Google decides to index smaller websites with fewer pages instead of giant websites with many pages. 

This is so because Google examines a website's traffic as well as the text and links. Websites with links that drive more traffic and material that is appealing to a large number of site users will probably be indexed.Remember to re-index web pages after making any changes, ask Google to do so, and then verify that Google has indexed all of your updated web pages.


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