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What is HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language, also known as HTML, is a programming language used to build websites and online applications. Let's define the terms "web page" and "hypertext markup language."


 "Text within Text" is the definition of hypertext. A text that contains links is a hypertext. A hypertext link is one that, when you click on it, opens a new webpage for you. Two or more web pages (HTML documents) can be linked together via hypertext.

A Markup Language:

 A markup language is a type of computer language that is used to apply formatting and layout rules to text documents. Text is made more interactive and dynamic using markup language. It can convert text into graphics, tables, links, and other formats.

A Web Page:

 A web page is a piece of writing that is typically created in HTML and is translated by a web browser. A URL can be used to locate a web page. A web page can be either dynamic or static. Only HTML can be used to construct static web pages.

As a result, HTML is a markup language that allows for the styling of web pages to make them visually appealing and present well in web browsers. Numerous HTML tags make up an HTML document, and each HTML tag has unique content.

A Synopsis of HTML

A system was suggested for CERN researchers by physicist Tim Berners-Lee in the late 1980s while he was a contractor there. In a document he made in 1989, he suggested a hypertext system based on the internet.

The father of HTML is credited to Tim Berners-Lee. Tim proposed a document titled "HTML Tags" in late 1991, and it became the first description of HTML that was publicly available. We will learn more about HTML5 later on in this course, which is the most recent version of HTML.

HTML Encoder

  • Use only your browser to encode text or a file as HTML text. The encoded value can be viewed or downloaded as a file.

  • Click the "Encode" button after loading the data to HTML-encode from a file.

  • Alternatively, type or paste the desired text into the box.


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