The web pages we see or visit are a combination of two different programming languages. One is CSS and the other is HTML. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets whereas HTML is a short form of Hypertext Markup Language.

HTML builds the structure of the webpage and CSS is used to create the layouts, visuals, colors, etc. of a webpage. Therefore, these two code languages are essential to construct a webpage.

Furthermore, HTML and CSS codes are different when it comes to their length and format. CSS is considered a lengthy code format, thus, often the length of CSS codes is reduced using a CSS minifier.

Whereas HTML is known as web format and HTML source codes can be edited using a text editor. Furthermore, an HTML files can be saved for future use in user's web browser. Therefore, HTML files are often saved in PDF format.

Why do we need to Convert HTML to PDF?

Before answering the titled question, we should explore what PDF is: Portable Document Format (PDF) is developed by Adobe Systems, and is a format saves files electronically. To open the file in PDF format, we need to have Adobe Reader. The benefit of saving files in PDF format is that wherever and whenever the file is opened, it will show the data (text, images, graphics, etc.) the way it was saved.

Now we come to the question that why we or developers need to convert HTML files to PDFs. There are various benefits of doing so, such as the PDF is reliable. However, the most important benefits are as follows:

Most of the web applications support PDF, because it makes the development process easier and faster. Furthermore, draft layouts are easy to present in PDFs. And when someone reviews those draft layouts, they can highlight the important points, add sticky notes to the text and more, using the PDF tools.

Furthermore, the HTML in PDF format does not need an internet connection to read the information, so if you do not have internet connection still you can read the HTML in PDF format. In the end, the HTML converted into PDF is beneficial for commoners and business owners as well.

How to Convert HTML to PDF?

Many HTML to PDF converters are available online. However, the HTML file can be a quite confidential. Therefore, you should be careful while using any such online tool. In this regard you should read their privacy policy. This is because while using these tools you need to upload your file to make the conversion, and that file is saved in the database of that tool and can be stolen from there.

HTML to PDF Converter by

This is why we have developed HTML to PDF converter which respects and protects your data. HTML to PDF converter is developed in a way that whenever a file is uploaded to convert, it is not stored in permanently in our database. Rather it gets deleted after a short time period.

Furthermore, this tools is simple and easy to use. To use this tool, visit or copy-paste the URL in your browser, open HTML to PDF converter and then follow the easy instructions.


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