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About Image Resizer Tool

You frequently have to sacrifice the quality of your photos when file size is an issue. You don't have to make this compromise, though, thanks to Toolbox Image Resizer! Your images and pictures can be resized without losing quality. ToolsBox Image Resizer can be used without the need to install any additional software on your computer. Simply upload the images you want to reduce in size on our website. ToolsBox Image Resizer is compatible with the following file types: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

You can resize photos and images online using ToolsBox Image Resizer in a variety of contexts, such as:

  • adding images to your website to ensure that pages load quickly

  • emailing pictures as attachments

  • uploading images to a blog

  • posting images to social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and others

  • the creation of online auction sites like eBay, webstores, OnlineAuction, OZtion, WeBidz, uBid, and Allegro

  • uploading pictures to forums

  • incorporating images into word or pdf documents

Why Reduce Your Images' Size?

Before uploading a photo to the internet, including it in a presentation, or displaying it on a website, you should resize it because image file size does matter.

Always keep in mind that the larger the size of an image, the longer it will take to upload it to the web.  Users with sluggish internet connections should pay particular attention to this. If you need to insert a photo into a presentation like PowerPoint and want to keep the image at its original size, photo size is also very important. If, for example, you need to use a lot of photos in your presentation, the size of the final file will be enormous.

 A large file can make it difficult to email it or post it online; it would take a long time to upload and then take longer than usual to download after it was uploaded .When connections are slow, this is invariably what occurs.

 Cropping a photo will allow you to reduce its original size from a larger one to a smaller one, which will reduce the file size. Or you can just use a tool to resize an image online.  Many of these tools are now freely accessible online. Some of these fantastic tools have features for cropping and resizing, which makes everything more enjoyable and practical.

Let's go over a few reasons why you might want to shrink the size of your photos:

  1. Let's begin by discussing the upload time. You obviously don't want a blog or website that takes forever to upload or download. No one desires that! Some social media platforms place restrictions on the size of images that can be uploaded. You won't experience any problems if you use an online photo or picture resizer to resize your image.

  2. If the files are too large, blogs frequently begin to behave strangely. The themes, especially those with homepage sliders, will go haywire.

  3. Images look more aesthetically pleasing when they are resized. Uniformly sized photos on blogs and websites make them amiable and run smoothly.

How to Use the Image Resizer Online

Our images aren't always the exact size we need, but what if we do? Therefore, it is essential to comprehend how to use an online image resizer tool properly.

The pixel information of a jpg file is changed when it is compressed by a photo resizer. For instance, a picture resizer will reduce the image and remove any unnecessary pixel information. Online image resizers must create and add pixel information when enlarging an existing photo in order to achieve the desired larger size. 

1. Select.

To resize your image, upload a JPG or PNG file to our tool.

2. Resize.

Depending on the social platform, you can select a size template or add your own.

3. Download

Download your resized image right away.



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