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JPEG image to webp image

The invention of the camera made a lot of things easier for human kind. We capture or film the memorable events, minutes and even seconds and share it with others. Sharing of these snaps has been made even easier by digital web and social media platforms.

However, these images are of different types. This because different devices store the images in different formats. Not only this, different web platforms and devices accept a certain format and size of the images. Therefore, we need to be aware of the formats of the images and should know how to convert them into other formats when needed.

Formats of the Images:

There are several image formats, Such as Tiff, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Bitmap and WebP. However, the most frequently used are the JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP. All these formats have their own usage, advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, Joint Photographic Experts Groups (JPEG) is widely used format when it comes to share images through web. The image stored in JPEG format means that the image is compressed to reduce the size of the file. Its disadvantage is that when an image is compressed, its quality decreases. This format is usually used for web transfers such as emails etc.

Similarly, GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is mostly used for web images. The advantage of this format is that it compresses the file without losing its quality. In addition, Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format compresses the file without decreasing the quality.

However, off all these formats, WebP is a modern and more superior image format for web. This format is known for its lossless quality. That means when image compressed or converted from (such as) JPEG image to WebP image, its quality will remain the same. Furthermore, this image format helps websites work faster.

JPEG Image to WebP Image:

The good news is as other image formats can be converted into each other, an image can be converted into WebP as well.

To convert a JPEG image to WebP image, there various services available on internet. However, their authenticity can be questioned. Therefore, has developed an authentic JPEG image to WebP image tool.

To convert JPEG image to WebP image, go to, open the tool, upload your desired image and hit convert now button. Your image will be converted into WebP without the loss of its quality. 

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