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Merge PDF

Why Should I Merge PDFs?

Sometimes when scanning photographs or a book, multiple PDFs are produced. What happens, though, if you want them all in one file? Not interested in printing numerous papers one at a time? You can print simply one document after combining them!

You can merge PDFs online in your browser without having to install an application! By using ToolsBox, you may combine PDF files without taking up unnecessary disc space on your computer and without worrying about downloading and installing additional apps that might contain malware and viruses.

Benefits of using ToolsBox PDF Merger

Simple online PDF merger tool

With just a few clicks, you can rapidly merge numerous PDF files into a single PDF document using our PDF merging. This online tool can be used without registering.

Online secure PDF merging

Within an hour, all of the files you upload as well as any files created on our server will be permanently removed. 

Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Window

The web programme runs within a browser. So it is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Generating a PDF quickly with a preview

You can reorder or delete individual pages by dragging them around in the editor box. Additionally, you can add additional PDFs to mix and merge them into one document.


Since nobody enjoys waiting, speed is obviously important. Regardless of file size, the online programme merges PDF files together in a matter of seconds.

Trustworthy service

In order to combine PDFs or even just add a page, you typically need to invest in pricey software. Our tool is secure and safe.

How to Merge PDF files?

Pick which files to merge.

Using drag and drop, you may upload files straight from your computer or from a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Reorder the files

Users who want to combine numerous files into a single PDF document should utilize our Merge PDF tool. Rearrange your PDF documents once they have been uploaded to our system.

Emailing a file

After merging PDFs, you can send the combined files through email or download the file to your computer for browser-based viewing.

Aside From Adding Pages to PDFs, What Else Can I Do?

Depending on your needs, you can choose from our handy PDF tools. These consist of:

  • Condense the file before adding more pages because the size may rise. With the help of our well-known compression tool, reduce the size of these files.

  • If you wish to undo the merging that you just did, split.

  • Need to convert a PDF file to a JPG, Word, Excel, or PPT format? We have you covered right here.

  • For password-protected, top-secret PDF files, use encryption.

Is ToolsBox Free to Use?

With limited restrictions, anyone can use our online site for free, adding pages to PDF files and using all of our other tools. You can acquire a free Pro subscription trial to try out everything we have to offer before committing to a Pro subscription. 

Questions? We have answers.

How will my merged PDF files display in order?

You can drag and drop the files into the order you want after adding the ones you want to integrate. The first document in the merged PDF will be the one at the top of your list.

How many pages can I add to a combined PDF file?

You can merge PDFs with up to 1,500 pages using the ToolsBox Merge PDFs feature. Each individual file can only have 500 pages, and you can aggregate up to 100 files.

After merging files, can I remove and rearrange pages?

Before merging PDF files into a single PDF, you can reorder, add, or remove files using the ToolsBox online tool. If you want to rearrange specific pages in your combined PDF, sign in. Until your content is in the proper order, you can add, remove, rearrange, or rotate the PDF pages as necessary. Share your combined file with others for viewing or commenting when it is ready. Anyone using a web browser like Google Chrome and their choice operating system, such as Mac, Windows, or Linux, can view the file.


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