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What is a Moz Backlink Extractor?

A good Moz Backlink Extractor is an advance, updated internet utility that will pull out all the backlinks by using the URL of your webpage.  It takes out the links and also separates them from the ones that are No Followed.  This aids the website creators to find out the source of your competitor’s backlinks. It also helps them to know if they are taking aid from any link spamming techniques so that their ranking is increased in the search engine.

Types of backlinks

There are two types of backlinks. First is the no Follow Link, or backlink is a link that does not hand over authority to the website it is linking to. It has no role in the search engine optimization structure. Next is the Follow link website owner has certified your content. The more you have them, the higher your rank is within the search engine.


Moz Link Extractor by Toolsbox

  • The Moz link Extractor by Toolsbox is the simplest way to extract backlinks of your website and also know the content and links created by your competitors. This free tool by Toolsbox helps you to gather Intel about your competitor’s website and also self-evaluates your own by showing you no followed links. And all is done automatically.

 How to use this tool?

The process to use this tool effectively is very easy. All you have to do is to go on the page of Toolsbox Moz Backlink Extractor and insert the URL of your webpage into the given space. Then you have to click on what kind of link you want (no follow or follow). After that, you have hit the button below and your required results will appear within seconds. The result will contain a list of links to that particular webpage.

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