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What is an Open Graph Checker?


An average open graph checker is an online tool that makes it convenient to evaluate if a web page has important open graph metadata. If your web page has all the required OG metadata, the description will present a report of the image, title, and description. It will also tell if any detail is missing.


Website designers and SEO experts know how important this tool is, they use it to check how their created content will look on social media feeds. If they don’t like what they see, they just simply change or update it by using an open graph checker tool. The extension always tries to recover the page's non-cached version to help in viewing the most recent changes.


What is an open graph?


By utilizing various Meta tags, this online tool aids website content creators in providing detailed information to various social networking sites. Social media presents connections more effectively thanks to this intelligence. With the aid of this program, you may create a single object graph from your Facebook profile. The graph can then be easily incorporated into other websites. Facebook pages contain data that describes shares and likes, all of which are condensed into a graph. By using Meta tags, you can control how data is presented. To generate more tags, use an Open Graph checker.


Open Graph Checker by Toolsbox?

Our open Graph checker makes sure to evaluate all kinds of open graph tags which include title, website name, image, and description. If any detail is absent then you will get notified. In order to use Open Graph checker by Toolsbox all, you won’t need to pay anything. Like every tool in Toolsbox, it is also free and the process is simple and easy to understand.

How to use and evaluate the results by Open Graph Checker

As mentioned before, the Open graph checker tool is very easy to use. What really happens is that it sneaks its way to the website of which URL you have inserted. In a few seconds, you will get your required outcome. The results include details of the webpage and an open graphs version of that particular page. The complete analyses also include a summary of all the problems of that web page.

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