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 What is a Page speed checker tool?

The speed of your webpage is an important criterion used by search engines while ranking. For this purpose, a Google page speed checker tool is used which examines and checks the loading speed of a particular website and web page. An ideal google page speed checker tool should be based on google insights API. This too can also easily speed-up your loading time and find out the main reason for slow speed.


Why is web page speed important?


According to google research, page load time has a strong effect on website overall performance and ranking.  It states that the loading time of 1 second to 5 seconds of a particular website increases the probability by 107%. The research further indicates that there are a lot of factors that affect a website’s loading speed and emphasizes why you should have less server response time. The reason we should know the speed of our website is that it helps us get more clients. Today in this fast paced world website users don’t have time and patience to wait for a particular web page to load. And now when we have billions of users using smartphones, websites need to get aligned with the fast-paced phones.

We need to check the speed as it will enhance the user’s experience. If the page has complex code it will affect the web page loading speed. So it is advised that we should leave these heavy sites and improve the website’s coding situation.  It also helps to retain users. If your web pages load quickly all the website’s viewers will be satisfied. They will visit it again and again and your ranking will go up. Slow websites are the least favorite thing for everyone. It will help you get more conversions also. If the links and pages of your website load faster then you will get more buyers and the conversion rate will go up. The most important reason why you should keep the website speed in check is that it is very crucial for Search engine optimization strategy. It will affect your ranking and overall position in search engines.


Page Speed Checker by Toolsbox

 The page speed checker tool by Toolsbox is the best online utility that checks and controls the loading time of your website. It is an easy to use tool which will help both amateur and skilled website designers. Like all the tools on the Toolsbox page, the speed checker tool is free to use with no additional charges. This tool gives detailed information about the loading time of the website. Not only does it disclose the speed rate but also tells the main source of the problem and helps to remove it so that website speed is increased.




How to use the Page speed checker tool by Toolsbox?

The best thing about this tool is that it gives a comprehensive report on the web page speed and page size. This is all done through a detailed speed test. This test is the most reliable way to check website loading speed and compare the outcome with other websites and it also removes errors from your web forum. The process takes a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is insert the URL of the website and click the button below. You will get your results that will contain a score that the tool has to give to you according to your loading speed.





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