What is a PDF?

One of the most widely used file formats in use today is the Portable Document Format (PDF), a universal file format that combines features of both text documents and graphic images. Due to its ability to preserve original document formatting, PDF is so commonly used. No matter the device or operating system, PDF files always have the same appearance.

Each PDF file contains a detailed description of a 2D document, including all of the text, fonts, photos, and 2D vector graphics that make up the document (and, with the introduction of Acrobat 3D, embedded 3D documents as well). They don't encrypt data that is particular to the equipment, software, or operating system that was used to create or read the document.

What is a PNG?

The PNG, or Portable Network Visual format, is a graphic file type that stores raster pictures using a lossless compression algorithm. It employs two-stage compression techniques. Due to the fact that it only supports the RGB color model, it is commonly used as web site photos rather than for printing. 

In 1995, the PNG image format was introduced. Oliver Fromme, an IT professional, came up with the moniker PING, which was later abbreviated to PNG. The GIF format, which had already existed for eight years when PNGs first debuted, is being replaced by PNGs as the format of choice. GIFs had a number of limitations, including the need for a patent license and a finite color gamut of merely 256, which lagged behind ever advancing computer screen resolution. PNG files were created patent-free and had a much wider range of colors to avoid these problems. PNGs are a single-image format; unlike GIFs, they don't support animation.

ToolsBox PDF to PNG converter

How to change a PDF file to a PNG

Add the PDF file, choose the conversion quality, click "Convert PDF," and then save the finished PNG image to convert PDF to PNG format quickly (or archive with images if the original PDF had multiple pages).

Simple access to the images produced

If you don't require every page of the original PDF document, download a zipped bundle with several photos or save individual PNG files one at a time.

Enjoy the PDF to PNG converter for free

Free of charge and without any registration, convert PDF to PNG online. Instantly accessible in the browser of your choosing.

Set the output quality of PNG images.

Choose a conversion quality level that best meets your needs based on why you need to convert PDF to PNG.

Convert files securely

Make sure that no files are shared with outside parties when you convert PDF to PNG with PDF ToolsBox. Your privacy is important. 

PDF to PNG conversion quality levels:

  1. To obtain PNGs without sacrificing their quality, select "High quality."

  2. To obtain the ideal balance between image size and quality, choose "Medium quality."

  3. To convert PDF files into the lowest possible PNG pictures, select "Low quality."

How to convert PDF to PNG with ToolsBox

Simple to Use

Uploading your PDF files is as easy as clicking the convert button. Additionally, you can batch convert PDF to PNG.

Best Qualities

Multipage PDFs can be converted with this tool. You may also batch convert PDF to PNG.

Safe & Free

Free PDF to PNG converter. It functions on pretty much any online browser, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, we use a secure HTTPS connection to upload data, and we erase all files automatically after two hours, so you don't have to be concerned about privacy and file security when converting files.

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