What is a PDF?

Adobe Systems invented the PDF file format to represent documents in a way that is independent of the operating system, program, or hardware from which they were originally created. A PDF file is intended to allow the generation and transfer of printer-ready output and can be any length, contain any number of fonts, and images.

What is a TiFF?

TIFF is a file format for storing images, including line art and photographs, and was first developed by a business by the name of Aldus; it is currently owned by Adobe Systems. It was developed in response to the widespread use of scanners with the intention of being the default file format for scanned images. It has been modified to support greyscale photos and is a common format for high-color-depth photographs.

The Tiff Format Hasn’t Evolved In Almost 30 Years

The TIFF (Tagged Information File Format, file extensions.tif or.tiff) format was created in 1986 by Microsoft and Aldus Corporation (now Adobe) to offer a standardized picture format for scanned documents. Prior to TIFF, every manufacturer had their own exclusive format, which might seriously affect user compatibility.

TIFF gained popularity immediately, and because of its stability, the last version—also known as TIFF 6.0—was introduced in 1992 and hasn't been changed since.

The Old Conversion Of PDF To TIFF Files

It used to be believed that using a virtual printer to save PDF files in their preferred format was the only way to effectively convert PDF to TIFF files. Now that there is a PDF to TIFF converter, people can simply convert their PDF files to TIFF files while keeping the photos and content intact. The file format is changed by this conversion mechanism, which also saves the files in high definition.

How to convert a PDF to a TIFF file?

You can quickly convert a PDF to a TIFF using the web services provided by ToolsBox, whether it's for general use or to keep your data organized.

Maybe you're using Photoshop to create a magazine cover and you need to add text to an image that you have in a PDF. Using the simple tools available at ToolsBox, you must convert the PDF into a TIFF file in order to obtain that image from it.

  • Select the PDF document you want to convert.

  • Modify the size or quality (optional)

  • In order to convert your file from PDF to TIFF, click "Start conversion."

  • Get your TIFF file now

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