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What is a QR code?

A two-dimensional barcode known as a QR Code typically consists of black and white pixel patterns. They were created for identifying components by Denso Wave, a Japanese division of Toyota supplier Denso, to quicken the logistics of their auto manufacturing. With the wide usage of smartphones, it has now made its way into mobile marketing. Quick Response, abbreviated "QR," refers to the fast access to the data buried in the code.

What advantages can QR codes offer?

They are becoming more and more well-liked due to their versatility. By using them, you can increase client engagement with photographs or videos, collect feedback for the improvement of your goods or services, or even advertise your company through events and discounts. With just one scan, all of these tasks can be completed!

How can I scan a QR code?

You might already have a built-in QR code reader or scanner, depending on your device. Your phone's camera app should be open. Hold it over a code for a short period of time till a notification appears. Check your settings to see if QR Code scanning is enabled if this doesn't occur. Still not functioning? You only need to download third-party QR Code readers from your app stores at this point, so don't worry.

QR code with your logo with our FREE QR Code Generator

Add QR Content

Choose a content type for your QR code at the top (URL, Text, Email...). You will see all of your available options once you have chosen your type. Fill out every field that should show up after scanning your QR code. As soon as your QR code is produced, you cannot edit the content, so double-check everything you enter.

Customize Design

Your QR code should appear distinctive, right? Change the QR code's default shapes and set a custom color. Both the body and the corner components can be individually modified. Your QR code should have a logo. Choose it from the collection or upload a picture of your own logo. Alternatively, you might begin with one of the models from our template gallery.

Create a QR Code

The slider lets you choose the pixel resolution of your QR code. To obtain a preview of your QR code, click the "Create QR Code" button. Please verify that your QR code is operational by scanning the preview with your QR code scanner. To get a png code with print quality, choose a high resolution setting.


Download the image

The image files for your QR code are now available for download as png, svg,.pdf, or eps vector graphics. Please select.svg if you want a vector format with the entire design. 

The Free QR Code Generator for High Quality QR Codes

With millions of QR codes already generated, ToolsBox is one of the most well-known free online QR code generators. It is one of the greatest free QR code generators available online that can be used for print and commercial applications due to the high resolution of the QR codes and the robust design options.

Limitless Lifetime And Scans For All Time

ToolsBox has no limitations whatsoever. Like with other commercial QR code generators, none of the created QR codes will ever expire or have a scanning limit. The only restriction is that you cannot alter the generated QR codes again because they are static.

Logo-based QR Codes 

Your QR code can be customized with a logo. A logo may be easily and quickly added to your QR Code with ToolsBox. You can still read the QR codes. Up to 30% of errors can be corrected for each QR code. This means that 30% of the QR code can be removed without affecting its functionality (except the corner parts). We can put a logo image on the QR code that covers up to 30%.

Customized Colors and Design

Utilize our design and color options to make your QR code seem incredibly distinctive. The body of the QR code and its corner components can both have their design altered. You can also pick your own colors for all QR code elements. Make the QR code body stand out by adding a gradient color. More people will scan QR codes if they are visually appealing.

High Resolution QR Codes for Printing 

The ToolsBox provides high resolution QR codes for printing. Set the pixel size to the highest resolution when making your QR code to produce print-quality.png files. For the best quality, you can also download vector formats like.svg,.eps, and.pdf. We advise using the.svg format because it has all the design options and provides the ideal print format that works with the majority of vector graphic programs.

Vector Formats for QR Codes

The majority of free QR code generators do not support vector formats and only allow for low quality QR code creation. Utilize the available vector formats to print QR Codes at extremely high resolutions without sacrificing quality. The.svg format is advised for additional editing. The available.pdf and.eps files only enable conventional QR codes; they do not support options for design and logo.


Free for commercial use

All QR Codes created are entirely free to use for whatever purpose you choose. This covers all industrial goals.

Does Google have a QR code generator?

Since Google Chrome now has a QR code generator, creating QR codes has never been simpler. Once users have arrived at their preferred location, they can click on the generator to instantly access a QR code download page.

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