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Robots.txt generator

What is a Robot.txt?

Robot.txt is a type of file that is located in the root folder of your website. This file is incorporated so that search engines can index your website. If the file is not there, search engines won’t do it. Search engines like Google have tools known as robots or crawlers that check all the content on your web pages. Sometimes there are some aspects of your website that you don’t want to share with bots or crawlers. Like you don’t want them to crawl to such an admin page. For this reason, you can include these files and tell the tool to just exclude them.  Robot.txt files have a system called Robot Exclusion Protocol. This will help the file to exclude the files you don’t want to share with the robots and crawlers.

What is Robot.txt Generator?

A Robot.txt Generator is an online tool that helps website makers to create Robots.txt files for your website. This tool has insights and inputs that will help the crawlers and robots to know which pages have to be excluded.

Instructions that are used in the Robot.txt file

When creating a Robot.txt file manually, there are some directives used and incorporated into them and you need to know about them for better quality.

  • Crawl-delay This instruction is utilized when to restrain crawlers from overinflating the website, excess inflating can exhaust the computer server which will lead to dissatisfaction of the user. This instruction is handled contrastingly by different robots and crawlers from different search engines. Each search engine has its distinct way to deal with these instructions.

  • Allowing This instruction is to be implemented to permit codification of the following URL in index form. You can incorporate as many URLs as you think is suitable. Make sure to use a Robot.txt file if your website has pages that you don’t want to get indexed.

  • Disallowing The main aim of a Robots file is to enable crawlers from entering and inflating the marked links, directories, etc. These instructions, however, are examined by other bots who need to scan for viruses because they don’t resonate with the standard.

Robot.txt Generator by Toolsbox

We can see plenty of online Robot.txt generator tools everywhere as it is one of the most popular and essential SEO tools that is required by website makers. Toolsbox also has introduced its Robot.txt generator which is an advanced version. This tool is very handy and also very easy to use. The best thing about it is that it is free with no additional charges. All you have to do is to go to the Toolbox Robot.txt generator page. Over there you will have some fields that are to be filled. Not all are mandatory to be filled, just the one you want. The fields are default values, crawl delay, Site maps, options for search engines, and disallowing. After choosing all the fields hit the button below and you will get the required results within seconds.


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