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Simply, developing a website and publishing content is not enough to attract visitors or traffic to your website. Rather, you need to do a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website indexed on search engines.

Furthermore, based on the indexing, your webpage is ranked on a search engine, and when someone searches for the content you are publishing, your webpage appears in the results of the search engine based on its ranking. Therefore, to attract maximum traffic, you need to focus on indexing, ranking, and SEO of the content.

How is Indexing done?

Indexing is carried out by the search engine spider. A search engine spider is a bot, which crawls on internet space and looks for new and quality content, and then indexes that content. Therefore, you should know how a search engine spider works, and what information it looks for, and then organize your content and plan your SEO accordingly.

How Does Search Engine Spider Work?

We generally do not know how a search engine spider works and what information it gathers from the web pages to index them. To solve, this problem tech geniuses have developed certain tools to know the work of a search engine.

 Search Engine Spider Simulator:

A search engine spider simulator is an external tool that helps you know the kind of information the search engine spider is gathering from your webpage. This tool presents you with the information in simulation form. Then using this information you can better understand the flaws and strengths of your content and improve it accordingly. Which, in turn, improves the indexing and ranking of your webpage.

Where to Get Search Engine Spider Simulator?

There are various such tools available online, but you can barely trust their authenticity. However, the search engine spider simulator developed by is powered by a strong algorithm. That means it provides you with results similar to that of a search engine spider itself.

To use this tool, go to, search for the search engine spider simulator, and open it. Then you simply need to copy and paste the URL and hit the simulate URL button, your webpage will be simulated instantly. 


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