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Text to Binary

What is Text to Binary Code Translator?

Welcome to the ToolsBox free online Text to Binary Translator tool. You can translate text strings of any length to their matching binary translation using this tool. Binary numbers are used by computers to represent and process data. 

If you don't know how to convert text to binary manually, you can use the ToolsBox Text to Binary Translator Tool to handle the task.

Our binary translator tool is simple and user-friendly. The tool will translate everything for you if you enter the text characters you wish to translate and click the convert button.

Why use Text to Binary Converter Online?

Binary digits form the basis of the entire computer system. All the software entities in a computer system are represented by 0s and 1s. Regardless of the pictures, images, and characters you see on computer screens, these things are actually represented by 1s and 0s in the background.

Long binary numbers can be quite challenging for humans to remember and process. But computers can interpret this language. In order to view how the text is stored on your computer, you can use a binary code converter to convert the text to its binary representation.

Features of Text to Binary Code Converter

  • Free Binary Translator

This tool is free to use, unlike most online text to binary translators.It doesn’t require you to pay for any kind of subscription and there is no minimum use limit.

  • Quick Processing Speed

This tool offers processing speeds that are unmatched. You would receive immediate binary conversion results.

  • Accurate Performance

This tool provides processing at an unimaginably fast rate. Immediate binary conversion results would be provided.

  • 24/7 Access

This text to binary translator is accessible for free all the time. Use of this tool is not subject to any daily or yearly restrictions.

How Does Text to Binary Converter Works?

To complete all of the back-end calculations, a special algorithm is written into the text to binary converter. Each character in your text is translated character by character, to its corresponding binary code, by the translator. The text to binary converter is quick and completes the translation all at once.


How to Convert Text to Binary manually?

You can convert text to binary in two different ways. The conversion can be done manually or with the help of the SEO Tools Centre's Text to Binary code translator.


Here is a manual conversion method for text to binary.


  • Obtain a text character string.

  • To match the values, you will want an ASCII text table.

  • Look in the table for the value of each character.

  • To obtain the binary code for any value, use the ASCII table.

  • Translate the full string by going through the process repeatedly.

How to use ToolsBox Text to Binary Translator tool?

  1. Select The Tool

  2. Write a string of text in the textbox

  3. You can also copy and paste the text if you want

  4. Click on the convert button

  5. The converted binary representation would be shown to you.




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