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Watermark PDF

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is text or a picture that, like a stamp, appears either in front of or behind the content of an existing document. For instance, you could add a "Confidential" watermark to sites containing private data. Multiple watermarks can be added to one or more PDFs, but each one must be added independently. The page or range of pages on which each watermark appears can be specified.

Using watermarks to safeguard copies

Put a stop to stop the watermark to prevent document copying in your PDF files. A watermark on protected documents prevents copying and can be used to track the origin of printed files.

Easy to use

You may easily add a watermark to your PDF files with the help of PDF24. You only need to select your files and begin the procedure; there is no need to install or worry about any program.

To us, security is crucial

Your files are not kept on our server longer than is necessary by this watermarking program. After a brief period of time, your data and results will be removed from our server.

No installation is necessary

No software needs to be downloaded or installed. The watermark is added on our cloud-based servers, so it won't use up any resources on your PC.

Supports your system

To add a watermark to PDF files, no extra software is required. Because it operates in your browser, this program works with all operating systems.

How to add a watermark on PDF

1 Select a PDF file

Drag and drop your PDF file into the box to upload it, or upload it from your computer or from a cloud storage platform (such as Google Drive or Dropbox).

2 Create a watermark format

Add a watermark to a PDF document by adding text or an image and choosing which pages the watermark appears on. Then, select the options for adding a watermark to a PDF document, such as replacing Times New Roman with another font, altering the font's size, rotation, opacity, and location. Additionally, you may decide which sites your watermark will be displayed on.

3 Send a link by email or download.

Download your paper to your computer and open it in a browser to access it. Additionally, we can send you a link to your paper via email.


PDF watermarks aren’t permanent or limited to text

With ease, you can remove, add a watermark, or place the new element in your files. Instead of using text, you may substitute an image, such a company or product logo. Utilize our tools via ToolsBox Online to position your image and much more in your PDF. To only apply to pages that are odd or even in your document, select "subset" under Range.

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