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What are the Screenshots?

As its name suggest, screenshot is taking the snap of the information present on your mobile or computer screen. The screenshot has become a new and handy way of saving anything that you are seeing on your screen and want to save it the way it is. In smartphones, you just need to press the certain buttons of your phone, and a snap of the information available or displayed on your screen at the very moment will be saved in your photo gallery.

However, taking a screenshot is easier on smartphones, while taking a screenshot on a laptop or desktop computer is a difficult task. This is because in laptops or desktop computers, you have to save the screenshot in an image format, which most people cannot do.

Website Screenshot Generator:

Therefore, most of the people and website owners are using website screenshot generator to solve this problem for themselves, their customers or visitors. The website owners or developers are using screenshot generators because sometimes visitor can face some issue while using your website, in such cases they can easily take a screenshot and send it to you.

Where to Get Website Screenshot Generator?

If you come across some issue while using a website on your laptop or desktop computer or some information you want to take screenshot of, go to, scroll to the website screenshot generator, and open it. When the tool is opened, copy paste URL of the website you want to take the screenshot of and select the device you are using, your screenshot will be generated, which you can easily save in your device and send it others. 

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