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Word to PDF

Why convert a Word document to PDF?

As more and more people share documents online, it is becoming increasingly necessary to convert a Microsoft Word document (.doc or.docx) to a PDF file. A Word document is generally created with Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office family of products. However, a lot of people—particularly Mac users—also use PDF as a document format. Therefore, you will eventually need to convert a Microsoft Word document to a PDF file.

The Best Online Converter for Word to PDF

The most well-known online word to pdf converter tool is ToolsBox. Every day, we assist millions of grateful people in converting Word files to the practical PDF format. Give it a go!

Conversion of Word to PDF Easily

With the help of this practical tool, you can quickly and accurately convert any Word document to a PDF online. 

Converted Files for Others to Use

Use our share option to easily create a shareable download link or email the PDF once you've converted a Word file to PDF.

Improve Your PDFs

Use our other tools to make additional edits to your PDF before saving. You can merge it with other PDFs for printing, add text and annotations, compress it for emailing, and more.

How to convert Word to PDF?

  1. Upload a Word document

To begin the convert to PDF procedure, drag and drop your Word document into the PDF convert box from your PC. Alternatively, you might upload data from a cloud storage platform like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  1. Download PDF

Download and install the PDF converter file on your computer to access your PDF document. View the Word to PDF conversion in your browser. Send an email with a secure link or upload files to Google Drive to convert Word to PDF.

Our Word to PDF Converter in a Nutshell

Quick and Efficient Processing

The conversion of Word to PDF quickly and efficiently is simple. Start by uploading a Word document, then relax while we quickly create your PDF. Both DOC and DOCX files are acceptable.

Online PDF Security Software

No need to worry! After an hour, we permanently erase the converted files from our servers. If you'd prefer to keep converted files online, sign up for a free ToolsBox account.

A variety of devices and operating systems

You may easily utilize our Doc to PDF converter from your PC, phone, or tablet anytime, anywhere since it is an online browser-based programme.

Other File Types Supported

The enjoyment doesn't end there. You may convert JPG, PNG, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF using this all-in-one PDF converter.

Conversion of Advanced Word to PDF

If you convert a lot of files every day, check out our tool, which allows you to convert as many Word files as you'd like to PDF at once, each one up to 15 GB in size.

FAQs About Our Word to PDF Converter

Is the tool free?

It is, indeed! Use of each tool provided by ToolsBox is free for up to two tasks per day. In addition to converting DOCX files to PDFs, we can also save your documents in JPEG, Excel, and PPT formats and convert older Word files, including the.doc format.

Additionally, you can edit your PDF files however you want. The possibilities are endless, so you might eliminate pages or divide up big texts into smaller ones. Try ToolsBox Pro for a 7-day free trial if you frequently work with documents and require unrestricted access. 

Is This Tool Safe?

File security is of the utmost importance at ToolsBox. Due to the fact that we take privacy and security very seriously, millions of individuals rely on our internet service every day for everything from professional work to academics.

The entire file transfer process is encrypted. Additionally, after an hour, our servers will automatically discover and erase your data from our system. We will only keep them available for this long so you can download them!

What Else Can I Do?

When compared to other file formats like.docx, vector drawings, or spreadsheets, the PDF format is significantly more flexible. Most operating systems accept PDFs, and their content can't be easily altered. Furthermore, they don't lead to anything. Anytime you receive a PDF, you can always edit it using our collection of free PDF tools or convert it to another file type. Here is a list of just a few improvements you can make to your PDF:

  • Add an electronic signature to your PDFs using eSign.

  • Encrypt your files with a password to protect them.

  • Add text, photos, or annotations when editing

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