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What is XML?

XML is known as Extensible Markup Language. It is similar to HTML and is sometimes also called its extension. Like HTML, XML is used to store and transport the data. Its main advantage is that it is self-descriptive. XML is considered the favorite language of developers to store data because in this format data can easily be shared and searched.

What is JSON?

JSON is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is also a format used to store and transport data. It is known for being a lightweight and straightforward format. However, most of the time, JSON is used when there is a need to send data from a server to a web page.

JSON is straightforward because it is self-descriptive and easy to understand for common human beings and developers alike.

Now a question arises, both XML and JSON are almost similar formats, then why do we need to convert XML to JSON? Let’s explore the answer to this question.

Why do we need to Convert XML to JSON?

The answer to this question is that there are very delicate and thin details that make JSON superior to XML. Therefore, during the last few years, JSON has outclassed XML among programmers.

The first reason for JSON's popularity is that it is a 21st-century invention whereas XML has grown old. Therefore, JSON is fast, cool, and meets the needs of the 21st century. For instance, JSON takes fewer bytes during data transfer because its coding is terse. Furthermore, it is less complex, thus, reducing the processing time. Among other important things, these are very basic reasons why people now prefer JSON over XML and convert to JSON.

How to Convert XML to JSON?

Since JSON and XML are sophisticated codes, one must use a delicate tool to convert XML to JSON. Though there are many such tools available online, XML to JSON by toolsbox.com is the delicate one and handles the job beautifully.

How to use XML to JSON?

To use XML to JSON, visit our website mentioned above, scroll down to the XML to JSON, and open it. Two boxes will appear, one will be for the input and the other one is for output. Now, enter your XML file in the input box and click the convert button below.




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