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Every human being and things around us are time bound. Time has a significant impact on our lives, relations and the things we use, or have created. Many among us or either sad or happy about the time that has passed and many are either anxious or worried about the time that has to come. The age is also a definition of time, it tells us about the time that has passed. In other words, it tells us about the time a particular thing or being has lived.  

Something as little as a web knitted by a spider has an age, and as big as a digital web created by humans also has an age. In this regard, the age comes from the domain age. That is checked using domain age checker or with bulk domain age checker. This process can also be called domain age checker bulk process.

What is Domain Age?

If your desired domain name is available, you buy that domain and get it registered with some web hosting services provider. The day you get your domain name registered, is the day your domain came to life and its age starts that day.

However, some domains are ones bought by someone else and then abandoned. These domains are also available for sale, and sometimes some people wish to buy already registered domain name. In this case you should know the Age of the domain.

Why you need to know the Domain Age?

In case of food, we all wish to have fresh food. When buying packaged or processed food items, we always look for their manufacturing and expiry date. Similarly, in case of things, mostly we prefer to have or buy a newly made commodity. This is because we are concerned about the health of that item so that we could have maximum benefit out it.

However, sometimes we prefer old things or commodities. This is because sometimes we love antiques and often we do this because our benefit lies in the old age of that particular item. That means we, as human beings, cut our deals keeping our own benefit in view.

Similarly, when it comes to the domain age: old domains are considered to be the best. You can check the domain age using domain age checker or bulk domain age checker.

What is Bulk Domain Age Checker?

Though you can check domain age with the help of a free tool called domain age checker, but what if you are interested in more than one domain? Normal domain age checker allows you to check the age of one domain at a time, and that process is time taking and exhausting when you have to check the age of more than one domain.

This is the reason you should use the bulk domain age checker. The bulk domain age checker allows you to check the age of a number of domains at the same time.

How to use Bulk Domain Age Checker?

If you are interested to know the age of more than one domain, list down all those domains. After writing down those domains, go to, look for bulk domain age checker, and open it. A box will open, copy your desired domain names and paste them in that box and hit the check button given at the bottom of the box. The results will be given to you in a few seconds. 



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