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If you work with Excel files, then you are aware of the need to occasionally convert them to PDF in order to distribute your spreadsheet in a more aesthetically pleasing and legible format. It's possible that you'll only want to send a portion of your spreadsheet or to simply make it non-editable.

Additionally, PDF is a more web-friendly format that is supported by a wide range of browsers and software. The process of saving an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF file can be challenging and complex. In the end, it's unlikely that your spreadsheet will look like a well-defined document with margins and borders. Therefore, you need a method for turning your spreadsheet into an attractive, simple-to-read PDF file.

Using the free online Excel to PDF conversion tool from ToolsBox, we'll convert that Excel file to a PDF file as our first step.

How to convert your Excel to a PDF file

  1. Choose an Excel file

Excel to PDF conversion is simple. You may either upload a Microsoft Excel file straight from your computer or drag and drop files into the Excel to PDF converter box to select the Microsoft Excel file you want to convert. Even better, you may choose to download the file online from a cloud storage provider like Google Drive or Dropbox and convert it from Excel to PDF there.

  1. View & download your PDF file

Download the Excel to PDF converter file to your computer, then open the new PDF in your browser to view your PDF conversion file. Additionally, we can email you a link to your Excel to PDF file that is available for 24 hours.

ToolsBox Excel to PDF Converter

Simple, one-click conversion

Using the most widely used online tool, you can easily convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into PDF files for sharing and storing.

A secure conversion

After an hour, all of your Excel and PDF files will be completely removed from our system. 

Platform Neutral

No matter what operating system you are using—Windows, Mac, or Linux—we can convert Excel to PDF on all systems.

Quickly convert Excel to PDF!

The default settings instantly convert your Excel file. There is no need to select any complicated parameters because the resulting PDF will look precisely how you want it to!


With just one click, you can create a PDF.

Simply submit the file, and our servers will convert your XLSX or XLS to PDF. Can we simplify it any further?

Is ToolsBox PDF really free?

Keep in mind that when using these online conversion tools, like the Excel to PDF file converter, you will only be working with single documents. There is a daily cap on how much you may use them. They are made for those who only require a quick, cost-free, and simple approach to managing their documents or images.

They are quick and simple to download and install, and you can use the desktop version to operate offline if necessary.

Is ToolsBox PDF’s Excel to PDF Converter safe to use?

Yes. Millions of people use the free online conversion tools and our website each month, and both are completely safe. We protect your photographs, documents, and data using SSL encryption, and after processing, we delete the original and converted file.

You may always save the converted file to Google Drive if you'd like to have it readily available for sharing at a later time once you've chosen the Excel worksheet, uploaded it to the website, and it's finished converting.

Questions? We have answers.

I don't want to download any software, so how can I convert Excel to PDF?

You may convert Microsoft Excel files to PDF totally online with the ToolsBox Excel to PDF converter tool, without having to download any software to your local device. A PDF editor, PDF compression features, the ability to convert files like JPG and PowerPoint to and from PDF, as well as other features are all provided by ToolsBox PDF tools to help you improve your PDF workflow.

How can I create a PDF file from an Excel file without losing formatting?

When you save your Excel document as a PDF, the material will display as intended because our PDF converter application keeps the Excel document's original formatting. You can combine your document with other PDFs using the merge PDF tool or the online edit PDF tool if you wish to make additional changes to your document.

Can I save Excel files as PDF without having my pages cut off?

If you adjust Excel settings such as orientation, page and sheet margins, and print area before publishing your workbook as a PDF, you can prevent both your text and portions of your pages from being cut off.

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